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  • The New Neighbors Project is an ongoing documentary project by the Vermont Folklife Center exploring the rich and diverse musical traditions of Vermont’s New American communities.

    This website is a gateway to the project–showcasing and sharing a growing collection of music recordings and interviews, background information about New American communities in Vermont, and lesson plans and classroom resources to get these materials into the minds of young people.



  • Explore the history and cultural heritage of new Vermonters who have recently immigrated, been resettled as refugees, or arrived as migrant agricultural workers. Click here to get started!

  • A series of lessons exploring the connections between music and identity by using the artistic traditions of a wide variety of refugee and immigrant communities living in Vermont.

    These musical traditions serve as a vehicle to engage students in a series of discussions not only about music but also about identityGet started with these resources. 

  • Listen to, learn about, and download a growing collection of music recordings and interviews of artists that make up Vermont’s diverse immigrant and refugee communities. Begin listening here. 

    These materials continue to be gathered by the Vermont Folklife Center and partnering organizations in an effort to explore the state’s growing cultural diversity, through music.


Live Performance Bring a Musician into the Classroom